During the school term break, I went to Guangzhou with my sisters to meet up some friends there.

Thought I could enjoy myself and shop til I drop,BUT.... I was sick the very day I left for the trip!

Well, we didn't do much shopping as we only spent 3 days there to be exact. It's more of a eating trip. Every meal, we actually travelled over an hour to some restaurant just for a meal because they have a popular speciality there. In every restaurant, we'd eat and eat and eat, so I put on many extra pounds!! (But the food is really really really tasty!)

We spent a day at the hot spring with body massage and milk body scrub. It helped me relieve from my bodyache caused by my lack of sleep.

This year, I spent my birthday there, but without a big birthday celebration and cake. It's just a simple "celebration" between us sisters and close friend in our hotel room.

Well, I'm looking forward to going there again with my friends on a shopping spree if had the chance to, as I already know how to travel around there.

But now, I'm more into looking forward to going to Tokyo and Taipei for my next trip, hopefully at the end of the year as New York will be my destination next year during Christmas.

I simply love travelling... hahaha...

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