What kind of man...?
I was frequently asked what kind of man I would spend the rest of my life with. Well, that's because none of my relationship seem to last for as long as it should, which is...a life time!
This question pops up again recently and for the first time, I'm thinking about it.
It would be nice to have someone who loves me as I am.
To understand me not on the surface but in depth.
The man and I must be able to communicate efficiently. (Communication is the basic foundation of ANY kind of relationship. If most of the time, my partner can't understand what I'm telling him, that's a communication breakdown. Or if he understood what was communicated but is not interested then that will lead to a relationship break down. Either way is a BIG no-no to me.)
I like guys who are always working towards a better man, always look for opportunities to improve themselves.
Guys who take responsibilities in their life; be it at home, at work or with whomever.
I prefer man who knows when to be serious and when to relax. (If the man is always serious, then the relationship will be very stressful for me. But, if the man is too relaxed with everything, and couldn't be bothered with things happening around him, then I'll have to worry everything for him, which will be very tedious for my health.)
Most importantly, his love should bear no expectation of getting back what he gives. He should not expect me to return his actions with anything. (See, I know this guy who was interested in a girl, he willingly spent time and money on the girl, but when things don't work out the way he wants it to be, when he can't get what he wants in return for what he has done for the girl, he starts to bad-mouthed the girl to their friends.)
To me, if a guy loves me truly, he would love me with no intention of getting anything back in return. But of course if I love him too, I would do likewise towards him without being asked to.
WOW! I didn't know it can get so complicated for me to find the right man. Hahaha... Luckily I am not into looking for someone to start a relationship with; otherwise, it will take me forever to find one.
Right now, I am contented with my life as it is, I'm kept busy at work; and when at home, I am happy to spend time watching TV shows with my mommy, my sister and my daughter.
I think I am the luckiest single mother for I have a family who loves me unconditionally.

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