I really hate to be taken for granted. Empty promises and sacastic remarks are all that she can offer. I don't deny she has a strong character that make her a successful career woman, but I really doubt her abilities when it comes to genuine friendship and relationship.

She claimed she's very happy to be part of God's ministry and brags about her mission works with God, but she did so many terrible things, and doesn't deserve to be bragging about her relations with God! I'm not being mean, but people see you as you are: what you say and what you do, DO reflect your personalities.

She said there is no human in this world that she's afraid of, except God. But then again, God would also want His children to be kind, compassionate, understanding, respectful, genuinely loving towards all mankinds, not only to those she thinks can give her what she wants. But she is so boostful, though she always try to ACT humble in front of caucasians and big bosses, but she is just NOT humble.

I am so upset by her inconsiderations, I'm starting to say ungodly things about her in here... guess I have to stop here and pray for God's forgiveness. Hahaha... but deep down in my heart, I wish God would just tell her off. OH NO! Forgive me God, for being so childish and so ill hearted. Haiz... Wish she'd just disappear from my life altogether.

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