I really hate to be taken for granted. Empty promises and sacastic remarks are all that she can offer. I don't deny she has a strong character that make her a successful career woman, but I really doubt her abilities when it comes to genuine friendship and relationship.

She claimed she's very happy to be part of God's ministry and brags about her mission works with God, but she did so many terrible things, and doesn't deserve to be bragging about her relations with God! I'm not being mean, but people see you as you are: what you say and what you do, DO reflect your personalities.

She said there is no human in this world that she's afraid of, except God. But then again, God would also want His children to be kind, compassionate, understanding, respectful, genuinely loving towards all mankinds, not only to those she thinks can give her what she wants. But she is so boostful, though she always try to ACT humble in front of caucasians and big bosses, but she is just NOT humble.

I am so upset by her inconsiderations, I'm starting to say ungodly things about her in here... guess I have to stop here and pray for God's forgiveness. Hahaha... but deep down in my heart, I wish God would just tell her off. OH NO! Forgive me God, for being so childish and so ill hearted. Haiz... Wish she'd just disappear from my life altogether.

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A Year of Disasters... 四川大地震
Recently, disasters have changed the life of many.
In a report it was stated that the death toll from Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar was said to be 77,738 dead and 55,917 missing.
According to the international Red Cross, the death toll alone is probably about 128,000, with many more deaths possible from disease and starvation unless help gets quickly to some 2.5 million survivors of the disaster. And with the monsoon season coming, Myanmar was bracing for a long haul ahead.
As for China, this year it has entered into a year of disasters. China's run-in with disasters began just before February's Lunar New Year, when the worst winter storms in five decades hit the country’s densely populated southern and central region.
In March, huge anti-government riots erupted in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. The violent protests were the biggest challenge to Chinese rule in the Himalayan region in nearly two decades. China has said 22 people were killed, while Tibetan groups have said many times that number died in the violence.
In May came China's worst train accident in a decade, leaving 72 dead and more than 400 injured when a high-speed passenger train jumped its tracks and slammed into another in rural Shandong province.
There is also a sharp rise in the number of reported cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease that has killed 39 children this year and infected nearly 30,000 others.
The bad news kept coming. This time it's the magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck Sichuan province on 12 May, causing nearly 50,000 deaths to date. The suffering of Sichuan's inhabitants has been prolonged by repeated aftershocks. Aftershocks continue to shake Sichuan Province — including a 6.0 magnitude earthquake, the latest in a series of more than 4,400 tremors in less than a week. But it's the original magnitude 7.9 earthquake that hit Sichuan Province the hardest, shattering communities, levelling dozens of schools and burying transportation routes with landslides.
All these news left many to ponder why it all happened. As for me, I felt very sad, but every time as I read the news of one more survivor rescued, I can't help but let the tears of joy to fill up my emotion.
In a footage shows Premier Wen Jiabao was surrounded by grieving villagers, his arms tightly holding two young girls. "Your sorrow is our sorrow," he assures them. "As long as people are still alive, we can start all over". It is so touching. This disaster is terrible but the government is doing everything it can.
In one article, stated that the grief is compounded in many cases by a Chinese policy that limits most couples to one child, a measure meant to control explosive population growth. And as a result of the one-child policy, not only must thousands of parents suddenly cope with the loss of a child, but many must cope with the loss of their only child. This is devastating.
As a single mother to an only child, I can somehow understand the sorrows these parents would have to go through. No word can explain off such sorrows.
Oh God, please bring peace back to earth again.

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What kind of man...?
I was frequently asked what kind of man I would spend the rest of my life with. Well, that's because none of my relationship seem to last for as long as it should, which is...a life time!
This question pops up again recently and for the first time, I'm thinking about it.
It would be nice to have someone who loves me as I am.
To understand me not on the surface but in depth.
The man and I must be able to communicate efficiently. (Communication is the basic foundation of ANY kind of relationship. If most of the time, my partner can't understand what I'm telling him, that's a communication breakdown. Or if he understood what was communicated but is not interested then that will lead to a relationship break down. Either way is a BIG no-no to me.)
I like guys who are always working towards a better man, always look for opportunities to improve themselves.
Guys who take responsibilities in their life; be it at home, at work or with whomever.
I prefer man who knows when to be serious and when to relax. (If the man is always serious, then the relationship will be very stressful for me. But, if the man is too relaxed with everything, and couldn't be bothered with things happening around him, then I'll have to worry everything for him, which will be very tedious for my health.)
Most importantly, his love should bear no expectation of getting back what he gives. He should not expect me to return his actions with anything. (See, I know this guy who was interested in a girl, he willingly spent time and money on the girl, but when things don't work out the way he wants it to be, when he can't get what he wants in return for what he has done for the girl, he starts to bad-mouthed the girl to their friends.)
To me, if a guy loves me truly, he would love me with no intention of getting anything back in return. But of course if I love him too, I would do likewise towards him without being asked to.
WOW! I didn't know it can get so complicated for me to find the right man. Hahaha... Luckily I am not into looking for someone to start a relationship with; otherwise, it will take me forever to find one.
Right now, I am contented with my life as it is, I'm kept busy at work; and when at home, I am happy to spend time watching TV shows with my mommy, my sister and my daughter.
I think I am the luckiest single mother for I have a family who loves me unconditionally.

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今天是 我在学校上班的最后一天。
离开之后, 整个人都放松了下来。这种感觉已失去多年了。

Today is my last day with my company!
 I was hit with a challenging case the moment I stepped into the centre. I was kept busy until I left the centre.
I have no time to feel the sadness I was expecting the night before, portraying myself holding back my tears as I say goodbye with my colleagues.
I just finished my job, and left the company without saying any goodbyes with my colleagues. The front desks were busy with their unfinished work, and the teachers were not in yet.
After I left the centre, I felt so relaxed; this kind of feelings has been missing for the past years.
I felt sorry for my colleagues who are still working there, I can imagine the kind of stress and pressures that will keep haunting them until they let go, like me.
All I want to do now is to let my mind de-stress and rest for two good days so that I can have a fresh energetic mind when I start work with my new company on Monday.
New job, new opportunities and a fresh beginning are what I’m looking forward to now.
Oh God, Please shower me with your blessings.

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I think it's time for me to stop being compassionate, not only I don't get appreciated for all the things I’ve done to help, that person actually does “funny things” behind my back! 
Looking back, I've treated that person so well, yet that person treats me as if I’m an idiot. I’ve had enough from that person. Enough said and done, I'm going to put a stop to my compassion where that person is concerned!

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During the school term break, I went to Guangzhou with my sisters to meet up some friends there.

Thought I could enjoy myself and shop til I drop,BUT.... I was sick the very day I left for the trip!

Well, we didn't do much shopping as we only spent 3 days there to be exact. It's more of a eating trip. Every meal, we actually travelled over an hour to some restaurant just for a meal because they have a popular speciality there. In every restaurant, we'd eat and eat and eat, so I put on many extra pounds!! (But the food is really really really tasty!)

We spent a day at the hot spring with body massage and milk body scrub. It helped me relieve from my bodyache caused by my lack of sleep.

This year, I spent my birthday there, but without a big birthday celebration and cake. It's just a simple "celebration" between us sisters and close friend in our hotel room.

Well, I'm looking forward to going there again with my friends on a shopping spree if had the chance to, as I already know how to travel around there.

But now, I'm more into looking forward to going to Tokyo and Taipei for my next trip, hopefully at the end of the year as New York will be my destination next year during Christmas.

I simply love travelling... hahaha...

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